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The 3-Year Tracker Project

We regularly carry out transcription of academic research interviews and group discussions for universities not only UK-wide but also abroad. University projects may be small one-off projects or large-scale tracker projects which may run over a period of months or even years – as was the case below.

The Client Need

We were approached by one of the UK’s leading universities who required 1600 x 60-minute depth face-to-face and telephone interviews transcribed over a period of three years for a tracker project.

Transcripts were required 48 hours from upload, with multiple users uploading recordings. Cost was scored highly on the tender, as was security and quality of service and output.

How We Solved the Problem

To save time and budget we met virtually to discuss the client requirements and resolve issues such as multiple researchers uploading and security procedures. We worked collaboratively to create a template specific to the project and chose a select team of senior transcribers to be trained on the project and work together, pooling knowledge, on the recordings. In addition, our team mentor worked alongside this group, ensuring terminologies were shared and consistent and that the context of the project was clear.

All transcripts were checked through by each transcriber before being submitted to our dedicated quality control department. Once the transcript entered quality control each unclear word was listened to, to ensure any unclear words were down to recording quality only. Each transcript was checked again for accuracy and also to ensure they complied with the specific template and client requirements.

Our bespoke workflow system, Global Lounge, allowed multiple researchers to upload both securely and quickly. This system is 99% automated from upload to finished transcript to ensure there is minimal risk for human error in the workflow process. The immediacy of the process resulted in audio files being rapidly distributed to, and received by, the transcribing team, minimising any delay.

Once the transcript passed quality control an automated email was sent to the researchers informing them of completion, also ccing in the project lead. This client chose to have the extra layer of security our system provides and preferred to log into our bespoke system to download their transcripts securely. During each stage of this process from upload to download, our system tracks every movement through the workflow, creating a detailed audit trail.

If there was ever a problem with a transcript, a system flagging the transcript in question was available, and, were it to become necessary, any transcripts could have been rejected and amended as required. As it happened, this system was not utilised due to our high levels of quality, but it was made available to reassure the client of our quality systems and processes.

As with all of our projects, we do not outsource our projects, so knowledge is gained and kept within McGowan Transcriptions and confidentiality is guaranteed.

3 Year tracker client support


By choosing McGowan Transcriptions the researchers had peace of mind knowing that what was recorded was deciphered accurately and without paraphrasing or interpretation, so they could be assured that their analysis was based on true-to-source data. The transcripts were released on a daily basis, including over the weekends, to allow continual analysis and maximise productivity, thereby eliminating ‘dead time’ on the part of the researchers. Due to the nature of this project, we sent itemised monthly invoices so it was easy to track the budget.

We won this tracker project based on our competitive price, dedication to quality and the high level of security of our systems.

McGowan Transcriptions is an award-winning company that has been in the transcription industry for 30 years. We provide the highest quality transcripts in the business and a second-to-none service, offering our clients clearly formatted, accurate transcripts with turnaround times to within 4 hours.

We specialise in group discussions and face-to-face interviews, covering B2B, B2C, technical, medical and legal material.

Data security is of paramount importance to us so we never outsource our projects, have UK servers, Webroot encryption and we are GDPR and Cyber Essentials compliant.

If you have never used a transcription agency before, or are looking to change your existing provider, please do contact us on 0800 158 3733 or


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    Transcription Quality Values

    Our values

    • Quality is never compromised
    • We are honest, transparent, ethical, and fair
    • We will never produce a sub-standard transcript
    • Constantly moving forward
    • We treat every client and transcriber equally
    • We invest in our team and provide consistent on-going training and opportunities for advancement
    • You get what you pay for which is why our transcribers are paid well
    • We have a five-day week to give our team a good work/life balance
    • We believe in allowing our team to unplug and do not contact them after 6pm

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