Digital Audio Transcription

McGowan Transcriptions offers an array of digital audio transcription services ranging from group discussions, business interviews, research interviews, conferences, workshops, hearings and medical research.

We are known as McGowan Transcription Services UK but as well as being the most established audio transcription service providers in the UK, we also offer a global digital transcription service.

Back in 1993 when McGowan Transcriptions was founded the only technology available was tape cassettes! Through the years technology has moved at speed and although we are still providing a cassette transcription we specialise in online digital transcribing. We have a secure uploading facility which enables multiple files to be uploaded quickly and securely making us globally accessible.

Audio transcription is not to be confused with audio typing. Audio transcription is a specialised skill and only professional audio transcription service providers are appropriate where accurate transcription is required.

McGowan Transcriptions offers a professional digital transcription service and use professional transcribers, not typists, for all our audio transcription services projects. Our professional transcribers have over 80 years transcribing experience between them and have a wealth of knowledge of many specialised industry sectors.

You will not find the same quality of transcript anywhere else as our transcribers only transcribe for McGowan Transcriptions.