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Group Discussion Transcriptions

Group Discussion Transcription

Group discussion transcription is our speciality. We transcribe team meetings, Informal staff retreats, and even exciting brainstorming sessions.

Interview Transcriptions

Interview Transcription

Our Interview Transcription Services include dictations, presentations, one-to-one depth interviews, or triads.

Market Research Transcriptions

Market Research Transcription

Our Market Research Transcription Services include consumer, business-2-business, PR, social research and telecoms.

Medical Transcriptions

Medical Transcriptions

Our Medical Transcriptions Service includes digital transcribers with a vast array of medical vocabulary and terminology, equipping them to tackle the variety of subjects we encounter.

Legal Transcription

Our Legal Transcription Service team offer a vast wealth of knowledge of legal language, style and grammar, who are happy to transcribe into any templates that are required.

Business Translations

Business Translations

Our team of language speakers have vast experience in accurately translating over 14 languages into English. We can offer translations wherever you are based in the world.

Welcome to McGowan Transcriptions

Established by Joe McGowan in 1993, we are one of the UK’s leading digital business transcription companies. Offering transcribing services to corporate businesses, start-ups, universities, the NHS and numerous other industries, for over 28 years.

Our professional transcribers make sure your words are transcribed quickly and securely. We would love to welcome you as our new client.

With our UK transcription services you are in good company and in good hands!

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Quality Digital Transcriptions

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Discover why hundreds of the world’s leading companies use our business transcription services online

Transcription Quality Values

We value (e)quality

we are members of MRS and AQR.


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Our values

  • Quality is never compromised
  • We are honest, transparent, ethical, and fair
  • We will never produce a sub-standard transcript
  • Constantly moving forward
  • We treat every client and transcriber equally
  • We invest in our team and provide consistent on-going training and opportunities for advancement
  • You get what you pay for which is why our transcribers are paid well
  • We have a five-day week to give our team a good work/life balance
  • We believe in allowing our team to unplug and do not contact them after 6pm

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Discover why hundreds of the world’s leading companies use our Business Transcription Services

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