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At McGowan Transcriptions we offer the highest quality English proofreading service in the UK. As with all our services we guarantee extremely quick turnaround times while maintaining our unmatched quality. Our amazing team of professional proofreaders and expert editors have years of experience, so you can be sure your documents are in the best possible hands.

What Does A Proofreading Service Do?

Our high-quality proofreading services have our expert editors read and review your documents looking to eliminate any errors that may have occurred within your writing. Mistakes we look for include but are not limited to, typos, capitalisations, sentence structure, word choice, word count and punctuation. We do this so you can be assured that your documents are easily readable with no grammatical errors. 

Never again will you have to worry about sending off documents that don’t read well, or contain numerous mistakes. The job of our expert editors is to make sure your content is 100% free from any mistakes and to get it back to you as quickly as possible. English proofreaders will make sure that your sources are cited correctly whether you use Harvard referencing, APA style or any other citation style.

Why Choose McGowan Transcriptions?

You can be sure that when you are using McGowan Transcriptions you will receive high-quality work with undeniable brilliant turnaround times. We also pride ourselves on never having missed a deadline, and with our team of highly skilled experts, we intend on keeping it that way.

All our professional editors are native English speakers so you can be sure that whoever is proofreading your document will do so in their mother tongue. We also have very competitive flat rate prices. 

  • We are personal – we work with people, for people 
  • We are never late – in over 28 years we have never missed a deadline 
  • We are top quality – our team are all highly experienced professionals 
  • We are English – we all have English as our mother tongue 
  • We are reliable – market leaders in the transcribing industry since 1993
  • We are global – our services accommodate varying time zones (subject to deadline)
  • We are registered – members of MRS, AQR, C2E and ICO
  • We are secure – our team adheres to the highest level of security 

Customer testimonials

Over the years we have continued to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, and we plan on continuing to do so. Customer experience is of the utmost importance to us, hence why we put so much emphasis on the quality and turnaround times of our work. We will never leave a customer waiting or dissatisfied. View our Trustpilot reviews here.

Benefits of proofreading

Ensure clarity of your message –  Make sure your message is coming across exactly how you would like. Our experts will look at key factors such as tone, word choice and word count, all while keeping in mind your intended end message. 

Save time and effort – Save time and effort while maximising your content. Leave all the hard work to us and we can ensure you that your documents will be faultless. Our excellent service and professional proofreading team will be on hand, working tirelessly to make sure you get the best possible results in as little time as possible.

Ensures professionalism – Our team of human professional editors will carefully and concisely dissect the format of your document, looking at the tone and readability while keeping in mind the intended audience or effect of the content.

Valuable feedback – All of the edits made by our proofreading team can offer huge amounts of valuable feedback. Allowing you or your team members to track changes made and thus become more competent writers. You will also see things that you may never have seen from rereading your work as we all have idiolects and tendencies that you may not have realised were holding back your writing.

What kind of proofreading do we do?

At McGowan Transcriptions we offer our proofreading services to a huge variety of different subject areas. These include, but are not limited to:

Academic proofreading services – Our academic editing services include research papers, PhD thesis, dissertations and many more. These are all hugely beneficial to anyone and everyone completing any academic writing. Academic style services are very popular amongst international ESL students, who have English as their second language, and at times struggle with the intricacies of the English language. They can greatly benefit from having a proofreader with years of experience and English as their native language to help with their academic papers.

PhD Thesis – Our highly experienced team of copy editors are here to help you maximise your results. Why let years of hard work go to waste due to minor weaknesses in your writing style.

Are you an ESL student struggling slightly to fully get to grips with the intricacies of the English language and worrying about how it may affect your dissertation results? We can ensure that your writing reads as if you were yourself, a confident native English speaker. 

Journal articles – We can offer both scientific journal and academic journal proofreading services. We can correct more complicated aspects such as improving and enhancing the text flow, clarity, style and tone. You will get all the help needed to have the best possible chance of getting published in your intended journal.

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