Website Translation Services

Website Translation Service

Website Translation Service

A website is more than just a sales platform for your business. A website is a mission statement and should be a virtual representation of what makes your business great. An expansion into a new market can be a daunting one, not least because your carefully worded website might lose its meaning if directly translated into a new language. Utilising McGowan Transcriptions’ website translation service will ensure that your site retains its impact across the cultural divide.

McGowan Transcriptions’ Translation Services

Here at McGowan Transcriptions, we have decades of experience leading the UK’s transcription industry, delivering high-quality transcriptions and earning ourselves a reputation for precision and fast turnarounds.

McGowan Transcriptions have partnered with an outstanding professional translation agency and are excited to marry our reputation for quality and fantastic customer service with their linguistic expertise to deliver high-quality professional translations for websites and other professional industries.

Retain the Impact of Your Site

Modern web pages are complex – no successful site just displays information anymore. A business must facilitate a variety of different consumer needs on its website from e-commerce delivery systems to social media integration, making a website a one-stop-shop for all your clients’ needs.

This means that it is vital for any website needing to be translated from, say, Arabic into English to be translated accurately.

In order to truly see the potential of international markets, you need to be able to portray yourself as invested in communicating effectively with those who speak your target language. If your translation is inconsistent and inaccurate then you won’t be seen as sincere.

Using McGowan Transcriptions’ professional website translation service is the best way to ensure your site is going to be properly understood, fully proofread and translated with an unrivalled level of customer service and quality.

SEO For Website Translation Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the work that goes into getting your website higher in Google search results and the best way to jeopardise your ranking when expanding into a new region would be to copy and paste your content word-for-word into a new language. 

SEO is about appealing to people, understanding what interests your potential clients and the way that they want to be spoken to. A truly multilingual website doesn’t treat a translation project as a quick fix but as a serious endeavour to understand a new client base. 

At McGowan Transcriptions we offer a complete translation of your on-page content and the content that makes you rank on Google, such as metadata (the wording of your title and description as it appears on Google) and keywords (search terms) that might not carry directly over into a new language.

Personalised Content, Written by Real People

Machine translation is a tempting prospect to anyone with a large translation project ahead, but its results leave much to be desired when working at a professional level. 

This is why at McGowan Transcriptions we will always have your site translated by an experienced professional translator who will be translating into their native language. This gives them an intimate understanding of cultural nuances and ensures effective website localisation.

Technical Expertise

We pride ourselves on being deeply involved with every aspect of the translation process and we take time to learn the nuances of each content management system before beginning our translation. Knowing how these content management systems work is key to knowing how best to tackle a project as large as a whole website.

If you have any questions about how we would translate your site into a different language then please do drop us an email at and we will get back to you within the hour.

Pricing & Quotes

Click here for a free personalised quote based on your specifications and one of our project managers will be in touch shortly.

Text to Text

We charge per word for text-to-text translation and the prices may vary based on the ubiquity of the language and the availability of translators. This means, for instance, that a website written in Portuguese will be less expensive to translate than one written in a language like Thai or Arabic.


Here at McGowan Transcriptions, we are proud of our track record as transcription industry leaders and if you’d like to read any of our testimonials you will find them on our Trustpilot page here or at the top of the page.

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