No Subcontracting

Our transcribing services team all have English as their mother tongue and we never subcontract out transcribing work to third parties, home or abroad. We feel this is of vital importance because we understand context, regional dialects, and slang; therefore eliminating misheard or misunderstood words. Your words are our business, our business is our team and we value our team. Before we let anyone join McGowan Transcriptions, potential transcribers have to complete several tests to ensure our standard is met.

Many other transcription companies subcontract work to low-bidding subcontractors; our name and our reputation is important to us and every member of our transcription services team is thoughtful and takes pride in doing your transcription work accurately and efficiently themselves. Many outsourced transcriptionists simply do not have the requisite basic education to do the job with reasonable accuracy.

Sticking with our transcription services team guarantees you a consistently high standard. If we subcontracted work we feel very strongly the quality of work would be inconsistent. Our transcription services team works to the same high standard on clear recordings as on less audible ones; we always do our best and achieve the best transcription from every recording.

In the English language the spelling of a word does not always match the way the word is pronounced; having English as our mother tongue means we learnt as children that there are numerous ways of pronouncing the use of the letter ‘a’ in spelling. We can listen, hear and understand what is being said.

Our transcription services team are all expert in using the internet and think nothing of researching subjects to ensure correct spellings and terminologies are used wherever possible; we could not guarantee that if we subcontracted work to transcribers who weren’t part of McGowan Transcriptions’ transcription services team.

Every member of our transcription services team has passed our initial punctuation and grammar tests. Good transcription requires good punctuation and keeping all our transcription in-house ensures that all transcripts done by McGowan Transcriptions meet our standard; we wouldn’t be able to say this if we subcontracted work to other companies.

Because we keep transcription in-house we know we can assure you of confidentiality, all our transcribers have signed a full and comprehensive confidentiality agreement and have had their ID verified and are security checked.

McGowan Transcription has a reputation that has been built up since 1993 through years of hard work. We are very aware that that reputation can be gone in an instant and so we want to protect it. Subcontracting would have its advantages in growing our business quickly but if it means spending hours amending poor work to ensure our reputation stays intact, what is the point? When we find a good transcriber we invite them to join our team; subcontracting is a risk we’re not willing to take.

Service you won’t Find elsewhere

You will not find the same quality of service anywhere else