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Market Research Transcription

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Audio Transcription Services for Businesses

Market research transcription is how McGowan Transcriptions truly began.

Before establishing McGowan Transcriptions in 1993, founder Joe McGowan spent a number of years working in the market research industry. Joe worked in a variety of roles ranging from Field Manager to Support Manager for respected companies such as DRSM, Field Management Ltd, and Hall & Partners International.

During this time Joe developed market research transcription expertise in many different sectors including consumer, business-2-business, PR, social research, and telecoms.

Many of our UK-based transcribers also have a background in the market research industry. With a combined experience of over 850 years, our transcribers have experience of support roles, research and field before joining the McGowan Transcriptions team as full-time transcribers.

We can provide full verbatim research transcription service, intelligent verbatim and/or edited transcripts of group discussions and depth interviews.

All of our transcription services are carried out using our standard transcription templates; however, if you have specific requirements all transcriptions can be conducted using your own specified templates.

    Intelligent VerbatimFull Verbatim (includes erms, false starts, repetition, superfluous text)Time CodesMedical TranscriptionTechnical Transcription

    * Compulsory

    Streamline Your Market Research

    Our research transcription services team understands that market research is a very important component of business strategy and it can provide important information to identify and analyse market needs.

    We offer:

    • Focus group transcription
    • Telephone interview transcription
    • Spoken discussion transcription

    Focus groups, interviews and other spoken discussions are a fantastic way for companies to get to know their customers. You can gather feedback, find out how your brand is perceived by your target market and identify new opportunities for growth based on real, organic responses.

    However, having to listen to the same recording over and over again can quickly become tedious and make it difficult to glean anything meaningful from your data. This is why we provide a one-stop solution for your market research projects, with a fast and accurate market research transcription service.

    We want to save you the time of having to re-listen to recordings of several people all talking at the same time – converting those audio files into text so you can reference the information quickly and easily.

    This makes it simpler to collate data, carry out detailed market and competitor analysis, compile reports and really hone in on what makes your customers tick. No more listening to that same focus group over and over again!

    Simplify and streamline your market research with high quality audio/video transcription delivered with a quick turnaround time at competitive rates.

    Why Choose McGowan Transcriptions For Market Research Transcription?

    Your words are our business – and that’s why unlike other transcription companies we never subcontract! By keeping our services strictly in-house we are able to ensure confidentiality and guarantee fast, accurate interview transcription.

    • All McGowan Transcriptions transcribers are native English speakers – this allows us to understand the context, regional dialects, and slang; eliminating misheard and misunderstood words.
    • The ID, nationality and immigration status of all our staff is carefully checked; and each member of the McGowan Transcriptions team signs a comprehensive confidentiality agreement before undertaking any research transcription service work.
    • We upload files using Global Lounge – Our bespoke file upload platform has a 2GB upload capacity and guaranteed 100% uptime; meaning it’s there when you need it.
    • We have 30 years’ experience, 40 professional transcribers, 600 hours of weekly transcripts and over 23,300 satisfied customers worldwide!

    McGowan Transcriptions are members of AQR and the MRS (Market Research Society), and all of our transcriptions are completed in the strictest of confidence and compliance with the MRS Code of Conduct.

    We understand that some information is extremely sensitive – should you require your transcription to be uploaded to a specific system/ software, we are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements on a case-by-case basis.

    Find Out How McGowan Transcriptions Can Help You

    Get a quote today! Fill in our contact form or call us free on 0800 158 3733.

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