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Group Discussion Transcription

We provide strict verbatim, intelligent verbatim or edited transcripts of group discussions

Group Discussion Transcriptions

Group discussion transcription is one of our specialities and our level of quality has helped keep us at the top of the industry since 1993. We can provide strict verbatim, intelligent verbatim or edited transcripts of group discussions, using our standard transcription templates or your own specified one if required.

We have experience of transcribing for a wide range of clients who each have unique needs but the same requirement; an accurate and reliable transcription service.

More than one speaker can be challenging and can take longer to transcribe. Our transcription service team will always go the extra mile when transcribing lively group discussions, informal staff retreats, emotive team meetings or even exciting brainstorming sessions.

We will always rewind numerous times while transcribing to try to decipher that one word that is difficult to hear because several people are speaking at once. Then we go through the entire transcript afterwards in Quality Control to try to capture any unclear words because we want to make sure all recordings are transcribed perfectly and precisely.

Thanks for all your work, you have been absolutely great!  Couldn’t have got through the recent inflow of work without you!

Caroline Thomson Research

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Since our start in 1993, we have had the privilege of working for many of the country’s leading businesses. The fact that many medical institutions, legal firms, and multinational companies trust us with their words is something we do not take for granted. We are committed to always give it our best, making sure our customers are fully satisfied with the results. That is the feedback we get, and we are proud of that! Below are some of the companies we may call our customers.
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