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Group discussion transcription is one of our specialities and our level of quality has helped keep us at the top of the industry since 1993. We can provide strict verbatim, intelligent verbatim or edited transcripts of discussions with a fast turnaround time, using our standard transcription templates or your own specified one if required.

We’ve provided audio transcription services for groups and businesses of all sizes and types, in a wide range of different industries. Whether it’s a small or large group, our work will always be produced at the same exacting quality.

Focus group transcription services

An essential part of market research, this is where a group (normally around 10-12 people) gather to discuss a product or service. Focus groups allow businesses and organisations to collect qualitative data and get customer insight into their products, services, and ideas. Participants discuss their thoughts and opinions with each other. It can help companies to make sure they are meeting customer needs. Here at McGowan Transcriptions, we provide a professional and accurate focus group transcription service so that you can gather more insights from your qualitative research.

With our focus group transcription services, we can guarantee your focus group transcript will be delivered on time, every time.

Group video transcription

We can provide high quality transcripts of group video recordings, whether that’s for a focus group, a marketing video, or YouTube videos.

Panel discussion transcripts

Panel discussions commonly take place at conferences and seminars, where a group of people with specialist knowledge answer questions from the audience or a moderator. We offer highly professional transcripts of panel discussions – either for your own records, or so that knowledge from the panel discussion can be shared more widely online in newsletters and blog posts.

Podcast subtitling

Having transcripts of podcasts available is incredibly useful. They can be converted into subtitles or closed captions when podcasts are published online. Furthermore, the full transcript can be published alongside the audio to make the content more accessible to search engines. Excerpts of transcripts can also be published on blogs or emailed to followers.

Group legal transcription

We offer a 100% confidential service for group legal discussions, whether that’s for important meetings, interviews, arbitrations or hearings. We can provide highly precise, verbatim transcripts with fast delivery.

Conference transcripts

We can create professional transcripts of discussions and speeches at conferences and similar events.

Meeting Transcriptions

From important board meetings to creative team brainstorming sessions, having a record of what’s been said can be invaluable. We are able to create polished transcripts of vital workplace meetings.


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    The Benefits of Professional Group Discussion Transcription

    Many businesses and groups take written minutes during a meeting; however, this is not always the best method for recording a group or panel discussion. Listening to audio recordings, and writing at the same time can be challenging, and this means that important comments and details may be left out of the final minutes.

    This is a problem when a verbatim record is required – for example, for focus groups it’s often useful to have a record of what was said to add context to the comments and so that detailed analysis can be carried out. Similarly, it’s essential that records of legal discussions are full and accurate, and they may also need to include further details such as tone of voice and body language.

    Transcripts of podcasts, panel discussions, and group videos can also be very useful, especially when you are publishing online. Having full transcripts to accompany videos and podcasts makes the content much more accessible for audiences with hearing loss, and will also help to make your content more search engine friendly.

    Recording a discussion and having it transcribed afterwards is therefore a very pragmatic decision. During the discussion itself you can focus on what’s being said, rather than taking notes. Afterwards, you can be confident that you’ll have a complete, accurate record to use.

    Although you may be tempted to transcribe in-house, this can be far more time-consuming than you might expect. It takes skill, training, and experience to transcribe group discussions accurately. You have to identify different speakers accurately, and capture every word that’s said. It can take many rewinds for an inexperienced transcriptionist, and seemingly endless hours of work. The process may be made more complicated and time-consuming by factors like strong accents, unusual styles of speaking, interruptions, background noise, and poor audio quality.

    By outsourcing your transcription work to us, you’ll be saving time and money so you can focus on the work that matters to you. You’ll also be guaranteed a high quality result that meets your needs, and transcripts can be delivered in as little as 24 hours.

    Polished Transcripts of Multiple Speakers

    More than one speaker can be challenging and can take longer to transcribe. Our group transcription service team will always go the extra mile when transcribing lively group discussions, panel discussions, informal staff retreats, emotive team meetings, heated focus group debates or even exciting brainstorming sessions.

    We will always rewind numerous times while transcribing to try to decipher that one word that is difficult to hear because several people are speaking at once. Then we go through the entire transcript afterwards in Quality Control to try to capture any unclear words because we want to make sure all recordings are transcribed perfectly and precisely. Our meticulous approach means we will always transcribe the speech of all participants – not just the loudest!

    As well as transcribing a wide variety of audio formats, we can also work with video files.

    We are happy to include additional, useful details such as time stamps to help you get the most from your transcript. For more information on the types of transcript templates we can provide, click here.

    Contact us today to receive a quote for our audio transcription services and place an order for your transcript. Once you’re ready, simply upload your audio files to our secure server.

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