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Why Choose McGowan for Video Transcriptions?

At McGowan Transcriptions, our video transcription services can help to boost your business efforts to the next level.

In an increasingly visual world, online video content is a fantastic way for businesses and organisations to connect with their target audiences. It has a great ROI for marketing and unbeatable reach, with YouTube now boasting over 1.8 billion users each month.

Our Video Transcriptions Services

We offer a number of video transcription packages to suit your needs, with flexible formats including intelligent verbatim transcription, full verbatim video transcription, time stamped transcripts and closed captions. Our team of transcribers have a great deal of expertise and experience, guaranteeing that no matter which service you choose your transcript will be delivered at the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

We pride ourselves on unbeatable reliability, having never missed a deadline in our 28 years in business. This includes quick turnaround times, with 24 hour delivery available in many instances. Our video transcription rates are priced by the minute, and are transparent and affordable for businesses, organisations and individuals alike.

Security and confidentiality is always one of our top priorities for our clients; with this in mind we require all our staff to sign thorough confidentiality agreements and use an encrypted upload platform to ensure your video files are safe. For more sensitive work, we’re also happy to work within your own security and confidentiality protocols, including by signing non-disclosure agreements for specific work.

The Benefits of Video Transcription

Better Accessibility

Businesses and organisations are increasingly required by law to make content accessible to people with disabilities, including those with hearing loss. By captioning your videos, you can be sure that everyone can access your video content. We’ve transcribed a huge range of video to provide universal access, including sermons, adverts, webinars, and training videos.

Video Search and SEO

Search engines can’t ‘read’ video in the same way they do text. Video transcripts change this, making it much easier for bots to analyse the content of your video and rank your page accordingly. Video transcription is a simple way to improve search visibility for video and ensure that it doesn’t get lost in the ether.

Easy Sorting & Editing

Text is far easier to search than video, so a transcript simplifies finding the specific part of a video you want for analysis and editing. So whether you want to publish a small clip from a longer video, or are looking for a specific part of a focus group recording for market analysis, our video transcription services are a great solution.

Improved Comprehension

Certain factors such as heavily accented speech or poor quality audio can make video more difficult to understand; by providing subtitles you can help your audience with the trickier sections of the video. This is also a benefit for videos used for training and education – subtitling can help your audience to follow along and improve their understanding. For non-native speakers, video transcription can boost literacy and understanding.


    Intelligent VerbatimFull Verbatim (includes erms, false starts, repetition, superfluous text)Time CodesMedical TranscriptionTechnical Transcription

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