Video Translation Services

Video Translation Services

Video content is the new king online and with 80% of the planet not speaking English, there’s a tremendous amount of content being produced that will need a translation.  

Video transcription is a core part of our business. The fact that we frequently transcribe video content means that we are well versed in the demands that this industry has.  A fast turnaround time for original video content is the new norm and we always aim to deliver exceptional quality at unbeatable rates.

Why Choose McGowan Transcriptions for Video Translations?

McGowan Transcriptions is proud to offer a high-quality video translation service that meets the varied and fast-paced needs of those involved in foreign language video production or conversion. Having led the market in professional transcriptions for 30 years, here at McGowan Transcriptions, we are uniquely suited to fulfil any professional video translation needs you might have.

  • Our workflow management system, ‘Global Lounge’, allows for the upload and transfer of files up to 2GB in size, it supports a wide variety of video file formats and is accessible anywhere in the world.
  • All of our professional video translators will only ever be paired with your translation project if your target language is the same as their mother tongue, meaning that they will have an intimate understanding of nuance, tone and intent that might be misinterpreted by a non-native speaker.
  • Our team of professional translators all have at least 5 years of experience in the professional translation industry and are fully certified to work and live in the UK.
  • Our partnered translation services are fully certified by ISO and have both ISO 17100 certification for translation services and ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems. They are also full members of the Association of Translation Companies.

Why Do I Need Professional Translation for a Video?

Tools such as YouTube’s automatic closed captioning feature or the ubiquity of Google Translate might suggest that professional translation for video content is a thing of the past. But anyone who has used these for professional purposes will attest that they don’t reach the quality level at which professional businesses need to operate.

Greater Clarity

If you need a recording of a presentation translated for global distribution, it is crucial that the wording is not misunderstood if it is mistranslated. Mistakes like these can cost a company millions and McGowan Transcriptions are here to remove the risk and deliver high-quality accurate translations.

Broader Reach

Our history as a subtitling and transcription service has given us an insight into the value of having a well-translated piece of content to work with. 

A key method that will help your translated video content reach as many people as possible is accurate subtitling and closed captioning. This will make your content more accessible to those with impaired hearing and more easily found by search engines.

If you are serious about the discoverability of your content then an accurate English language translation that can be converted into subtitles is a necessity.

Easier Sorting and Editing

Organising video and audio files is hard enough as it is, but add a language barrier and it becomes almost impossible. An accurate English translation carried out by professional native speakers will go a long way to ensuring that your video files are searchable, sortable and easy to organise.


Here at McGowan Transcriptions, we are proud of our proven track record as a professional transcription and translation business. If you’d like to read any of our testimonials then take a look at our Trustpilot page here or at the top of the page. 

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