Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services

An inaccuracy on a personal document can be the difference between a work visa and a rejection letter so you should never leave these things to chance. A certified translation service will be signed, stamped and dated by the translator, attesting that it is a complete and accurate translation of the original document.

McGowan Transcriptions have 30 years of experience leading the transcription industry and are proud to now offer high-quality translation services for official documents. If you need an original document translated with a quick turnaround time from a difficult language like Arabic to English then our team of certified translators can help.

Why Choose McGowan Transcriptions for Document Translation?

Our partnered translation agency is entirely comprised of professional translators who all have at least 5 years of experience in professional translation, making them ideal for official translation projects. Translators will only ever translate from their mother tongue into English meaning that they will have a keen understanding of nuance and localisations. 

As a full member of the Association of Translation Companies, our partner agency is accredited with both ISO 17100 for Translation Services and ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems. They are also members of the Association of Translation Companies.

Our translations are fully certified by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and guaranteed to be accurately translated and ready for official purposes.  

We are based in the United Kingdom but accept translations into English from around the world. This is achieved by our custom Global Lounge storage solution that provides our clients with a guaranteed 100% uptime for their documents, meaning that you will always be able to see your translations and the original documents from anywhere in the world.

What is a Document Translation Service?

Document translation can cover a wide range of fields but essentially we process two main types of documents
  • This includes documents like birth certificates, death certificates, notarised statements, a diploma or a certificate of authenticity.
  • Medical documents and dental records might be the most important documents you will ever own so it’s vital that they are translated accurately when they are transferred to your new doctor.
  • McGowan Transcriptions will ensure that all documents remain fully notarised and officially recognised by legal bodies
  • Processes like visa and immigration applications require copious amounts of paperwork and if this process is traversing a language barrier then the potential for serious error increases exponentially.
  • Accurate translations by native speakers will ensure that the document is able to be understood and filed quickly.

Data Protection

We value the privacy of all of our clients. This is why we will completely remove any translations or original documentation from our system within 95 days of the completion of your project, in full accordance with GDPR standards.


Here at McGowan Transcriptions, we are proud of our track record as a business and we invite you to take a look at the testimonials of former clients here on TrustPilot.

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