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After decades of operating as the UK’s number one transcription service, McGowan Transcriptions are happy to announce that we have partnered with an ISO certified translation company, meaning we can now offer over 200 language combinations of certified translations.

We are able to provide high-quality language translation services in over 200 languages, from Arabic and Italian to Thai and Zulu and everything in between.

Our partnered translation agency has its own extensive team of professional translators, who only translate into their mother tongue and have a minimum of 5 years of professional translation experience.

Legal Translation Services

McGowan Transcriptions partnered Legal Translation Services aim to accurately translate legal documents to the highest quality. Our team of professional linguists and translators are proficient and familiar with the complete range of legal documents. These include but are not limited to:

  • Birth Certificates 
  • Intellectual property declarations 
  • Witness Statements 
  • Marriage Certificates
  • and Other Legal Translation Services

Our legal translation services are fully certified by the ISO and have both ISO 17100 certification for translation services and ISO 9001 for quality management systems. They are also members of the Association of Translation Companies.

Why Choose Us for Legal Translation?

McGowan Transcriptions’ industry-leading team of legal translators specialise in the accurate translation of official documents and have worked with industry-leading law firms across the legal sector. 

Your words are our business so you can rest assured that the same level of security and confidentiality you expect from our UK transcription services apply to our translation services.

  • All of our professional translation staff are native speakers – this is of particular importance regarding legal documents when a single mistranslation can nullify a contract.
  • We understand the need for confidentiality regarding legal proceedings which is why our team sign a comprehensive Confidentiality Agreement before working with any client data.
  • We offer a bespoke workflow management solution that supports uploads up to 2GB so that your translated documents and their originals are available up to 90 days after completion.

World Class Turnaround Times for Legal Translations

Here at McGowan Transcriptions, we know that legal proceedings work to tight deadlines and that the consequences for missing any deadline can be severe. This is why we have structured our business so that our translators work on industry-specific documents that are relevant to them.

This means that your legal translation and transcription projects will be completed by someone who not only knows the nuances of the original language but also the intricacies of the legal system – creating an efficient workflow and maximising our turnover.

Pricing & Quotes

Click here for a free personalised quote based on your specifications and one of our project managers will be in touch shortly. 

Because of the varied nature of professional translation, we have a framework for determining costs as opposed to a static pricing structure which you can read below.

Text to Text

We charge per word for text-to-text translation and the prices may vary based on the ubiquity of the language and the availability of translators. This, for instance, means a legal document written in French will be less expensive than one written in a language like Thai or Arabic.

Audio to Text

The work involved in translating audio can also contain variables like audio quality. So if you want to know how much we will charge for your particular piece of audio then get in touch with us here and we can get you a free quote once we have received the audio recording.

Statement of Truth

We offer a Statement of Truth, which can be very helpful for translations that are to be produced in a court of law, should it be required, for a flat fee of £15 excluding VAT.


We are proud of our track record as a business and if you’d like to read any of our testimonials you will find them on our Trustpilot page here or at the top of the page. 

For a free quote, or for further information regarding our language transcription and legal transcription and legal translation services, contact us today! Fill in our contact form or call us free on 0800 158 3733.



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