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McGowan Transcriptions have worked in audio transcriptions since 1993 and pride ourselves on the high quality of our work and the first-class audio transcriptions services we offer our clients. We offer the very best quality digital audio transcriptions, with experience transcribing across a range of audio formats, industries, and discussion types. Take a look below at just some of the benefits of choosing us for your audio transcripts.

Accurate Audio Transcripts

Whether it’s an individual dictation, a one-on-one interview, a focus group discussion or a workplace hearing, we know just how vital accuracy is. Our team of dedicated, professional transcribers have the experience and knowledge to provide precise and reliable audio transcripts that capture every last word and important detail.

Working with multiple speakers can be challenging, but this has always been one of our specialities and we’re proud to provide the same excellent transcription services whether it’s one speaker or ten! We’re also experienced with working with poor audio quality, and will take the time necessary to decipher every last word.

Templates to Suit Your Requirements

Not every audio transcription job is the same, and the level of detail required can vary hugely. For a workplace disciplinary hearing, you’ll want to record every hesitation and false start, but for an interview or group discussion an intelligent verbatim transcript will probably include everything you need to know.

With this in mind, we offer a selection of professionally formatted audio transcription templates that meet the individual transcription needs of our clients. These include intelligent verbatim and full verbatim options that can also be edited and summarised by us for your convenience. We can also produce templates suitable for inputting into Nvivo for the purposes of qualitative research and data analysis. We’re also happy to work within your in-house requirements where necessary and present your transcript in your desired format, including additional details such as timecodes.

No matter which audio transcription template you decide on, the end result will be a highly accurate transcription.

Sectors & Clients

Over the years, we’ve worked on many audio transcripts for clients in a huge array of industries, ranging from medical transcriptions for the NHS, to research transcription services for universities, and market research work for corporate businesses and start-ups. We treat every job as unique, but always give the same level of focus and dedication when we transcribe.

We aren’t fazed by a new topic, and will always carry out relevant research to make sure we understand any unusual terminology and have a solid grasp on any esoteric subject matter. This is a vital step that’s often overlooked by audio transcription services – without thorough research, it’s impossible to produce a transcript that captures sense and context properly. For more specialised transcripts, such as medical and legal transcription services, this is essential.

Time & Money Saving Solution

Transcription is a time-consuming and labour intensive task, especially for the inexperienced. However, the benefits are undeniable; transcripts are far more convenient than having to listen to an audio recording over and over again to find the parts you need.

Our audio transcription services are a fantastic time-saving solution for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. Get the information you need from spoken discussions in an easily digestible, professionally presented format that’s ready for further analysis, editing or publication.

Years of experience have allowed us to refine our transcription process. We offer unbeatable, fast turnaround times, and aim to deliver the majority of our transcripts within 24 hours. In 28 years of transcription, we’ve never once missed a client deadline.

We offer four standard transcription rates for different services, with prices starting from just £1.35 per audio minute.

Secure & Confidential Audio Transcription

We understand our obligations to our clients to keep personal data and sensitive information secure. All our transcriptionists have undergone security vetting, including criminal record checks and ID verification. We also require all our employees to sign and work within our confidentiality agreement, and to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) where required.

We’ve invested in bespoke IT systems with the goal to keep all audio files secure. Our file upload platform is user friendly and features advanced encryption, fast upload times, and plenty of storage for your files. Simply upload your recording and we’ll get started.

View our competitive rates on our transcription prices page, or get in touch for a quote on your audio transcription project.


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