Lost in Translation: Examples of AI transcript blunders that will leave you giggling!

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In the world of AI, machines strive to understand and replicate human language. Let’s explore some of the funny and maybe not-so-funny errors that we have come across this month, when doing our quarterly tests on the leading AI transcription providers:

  • “From then, I was allergic to most months” which should be “From then, I was allergic to most nuts.”
    Allergic to most months? It’s normally only Mondays here!
  • “Oral gas.” which should be “Oil and gas.”
    You’re in a meeting and reading off your transcript, instead of discussing oil and gas, you accidentally end up talking about the latest trends in breath fresheners. Talk about a slip of the tongue!
  • “I’ll nip to the toilet, I’ll hover. Outside…” which should be “I’ll nip to the toilet. I’ll hover outside.”
    The perilous adventure of multitasking! It’s a comedy masterpiece in the making!
  • “So also the alcoholic” which should be “So also my colleague.”
    Workplace briefings would never be the same – it’s the kind of slip-up that turns into an HR intervention!
  • “They need exposure to kisses” which should be “They need exposure to cases.”
    Well, this could add a touch of embarrassment to the scene! Suddenly, instead of advocating for learning through real-life examples and case studies, you’re suggesting a workplace filled with romantic gestures and lovey-dovey moments!
  • “Scared of losing their penis” which should be “Scared of losing their PINs.”
    Whoops! The speaker was expressing concerns about losing their PINs, not their prized possessions!

Here at McGowan Transcriptions, we see the funny side to these unfortunate inaccuracies, but also the danger that comes with using raw AI transcripts, as you can see from the above! 

Get in touch with us now for a professional and accurate transcript from our 100% human transcriber team.  We’re also backed up with a 100% human quality control team, to ensure you are never left red-faced with your transcripts!

Call us on 0800 158 3747, drop us an email to office@mcgowantranscriptions.co.uk for a quotation, or if you have a project you’d like transcribed immediately, upload this to our secure portal.

Written by Tracey Pulfer

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February 2024