Why Speech to Text Apps Will Never Replace Traditional Transcription Services

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Speech to text apps are often used on the go to make notes, send messages or translate words to other languages, but are they a viable alternative to traditional transcription services? 

In this blog post, we delve deeper into the differences between voice to text apps and a high-quality transcription service to see which comes out on top.

What Are Speech to Text Apps? 

Speech to text apps are designed to transcribe audio to text in a similar way to a human transcriber. These apps are available on smartphones and tablets, thus giving you the option to transcribe audio on the go. But how do they compare to human transcription services?  

Speech to text apps vary in complexity and reliability, therefore, the results you get from one app may differ from the next, and even the best voice to text apps can produce mistakes. As a result, they’re mainly used to transcribe conversations and short phrases rather than complicated dictations. 

Who Would Use a Speech to Text App? 

Speech to text apps are ideal for those who like to create and send short notes or messages to family and friends. 

As mentioned earlier, even the best speech to text apps can produce mistakes, as they’re relying on software rather than the human ear to convert audio to text. This means that some voice to text apps may have difficulty interpreting low-quality audio and complex terminology. 

As a result, you should never rely on a speech to text app for medical transcriptions and legal transcriptions, as this could lead to serious mistakes in transcripts. 

How Do Speech to Text Apps Work? 

The app will use software to ‘listen’ to your audio file and interpret what is being said with speech-recognition technology. To convert your voice recording to text, the app will need to go through several complicated steps. 

Firstly, the sound waves are converted into digital data and background noise is removed. Then, the data is broken down into smaller segments so that the app can compare each segment to a bank of known words and sentences, after which point the software will display what it ‘thinks’ the recording says. 

Whilst this process sounds lengthy and complicated, a speech to text app can convert voice to text in a number of seconds, making it quicker and cheaper than traditional transcription services. However, machines often do not understand the complex nuances of different accents and voices, therefore, a transcript from a voice to text app is more likely to contain mistakes. 

Speech to Text Apps vs Human Transcription Services

Whilst speech to text apps do the same thing as human transcription services, their processes and results differ significantly. 

Firstly, speech to text apps relies on software to create a transcript, whereas, traditional transcription services rely on human transcribers. Some speech to text apps claim to achieve 99% accuracy rates on transcripts, however, this can vary depending on how clear your recording is. 

Traditional transcription services, such as our audio transcriptions rely on human ears to convert audio to text, and our transcribers will carefully comb over your audio file to decipher what is being said.

Another key difference between human transcriptions and transcription apps is that you have a choice of transcripts. Here at McGowan Transcriptions, you can choose from: 

  • Intelligent Verbatim
  • Intelligent Verbatim – Edited Summary Introduction
  • Intelligent Verbatim – Edited Identified
  • Full Verbatim
  • NVIVO Template

Whereas, with most transcription apps your voice recording will be converted into one text format only.

The Benefits of a Human Transcription Service 

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Even the best transcription software is no match for human transcribers, and opting for a traditional transcription service ensures you obtain a high-quality transcript from your recording. 

No matter how complex your transcription, our team will work round the clock to ensure an accurate transcript is sent to you in a timely fashion. 

All of our team members are native English speakers and based in the UK, which helps us to produce reliable, detailed transcripts time and time again.  

Transcribe Your Voice Recording to Text Today

Having your audio file transcribed into a text document could not be easier with our online portal, Global Lounge. Simply choose your transcription template, upload your file and we’ll get to work on your transcription. Alternatively, if you need help deciding which option is right for you, contact us to see how we can help.