Who’d Have Thought…

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Who’d have thought transcribing for McGowan Transcriptions could be so different? I’ve worked from home for four years now doing audio transcription work but what a refreshing change Joe and the team at McGowan Transcriptions are. It would seem that transcribing isn’t just transcribing as I once knew it. Gone are the days of typing boring, bog standard “Dear Sir” letters. Every day is different here – it’s digital transcription that’s not boring! It’s taken me a while to find transcription work like this, but I’m so glad that I have. The working week is now so varied and I’m finding myself typing about anything from crockery and cutlery to housing problems in the UK. So your bog standard Dear Sir letters may take you less time to type, but the time flies when you’re doing what I am now going to call “real” transcription work.

Having done legal audio typing for more than 20 years, I could shut off and just type, more or less knowing what word or sentence was going to be dictated next by my boss. The work at McGowan Transcriptions is so far removed from this. You actually get to use your brain!! That’s unheard of sometimes in the world of audio transcribing. So much so, that I’ve heard stories of transcribers who switch off completely and end up having typed the actual word full stop when it’s dictated!

I have a new best friend by the name of Google who sits alongside me on the Ipad – it’s quicker to look things up on the Ipad instead of flicking from application to application on the laptop. In the few weeks I’ve been transcribing for McGowan Transcriptions, I cannot believe some of the brand names I’ve picked up as well as other interesting facts along the way.

When I was learning audio typing at college many moons ago, my teacher assured me that shorthand was a thing of the past and that the future was in tape cassettes. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Tape cassettes that get stuck in the machine and do that really annoying unwinding thing when you try to remove them and then there’s a reel of brown plastic all over your desk that you try to wind back in with a biro! I don’t think so……

Without the introduction of digital transcription, I wouldn’t be able to work from home, with hours to suit me and to be able to spend time with my children. When the sun is shining, I can type outdoors in the garden under a sun shade – not sit in a stuffy office in the City where the air conditioning is so cold you have a fan heater at your feet.

It’s good to actually feel part of a team with McGowan Transcriptions – you definitely don’t feel as if you’re working at home on your own. A quick email sent round by Joe to the team can quickly help you get that word that you’ve been trying to pick up by rewinding, and rewinding and rewinding some more. I hope I’m with the team for as long as some of the other transcribers have been because for me that speaks volumes.

Blog written by Eve Unsworth