Transcription – An Unexpected Bonus!

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One of the unexpected bonuses of doing audio transcription is that we are amongst the first to hear about proposed new products, services and not to mention new technology. Over the years, I have become something of a Luddite with regards to new technology, not that I was ever particularly good at mastering things like video recorders et cetera. But I have clung with dogged determination to my pay-as-you-go bottom of the range Nokia reassuring everyone, especially my children, that it was perfect for my needs.

Then, not too long ago, I had to do a focus group transcription on Smartphones for a focus group that were giving feedback on their various handsets. What fun. Not only did I not have to master the glitches and frustrations they had experienced, but I also had an in-depth, two hour long, fly on the wall view of what these new phones are capable of. It was an eye opener.

‘Receiving emails on a mobile phone,’ what a revolution! Where have I been or, more precisely, where have I not been that I had no idea that this technology existed. Working from home for McGowan Transcription Services means that I have to keep a keen eye on my emails. Urgent messages like, ‘Stop transcribing,’ are so easy to miss that I have, up until very recently, never moved very far from my laptop, just in case something sneaks in under the radar. Also, clients can be just slightly unpredictable and delays in work arriving are inevitable. With that in mind, my laptop has become something of a baby to mind, if I am to hold up my end of the deadline bargain so it is never far from view.

So imagine my joy at hearing that these phones were Smart! The very next day, I made a date with Carphone Warehouse, conveniently just round the corner, where an extremely patient young man set me up with my very own, portable home office. Freedom! Freedom to take advantage of all the perks that come with providing audio transcription services for McGowan Transcriptions which include flexible hours and working at one’s own pace (more of that another day, perhaps!)

Now, I am free to strike whilst the iron is hot and make the most of our Indian summer, enjoying the last few rays of the day, knowing that nothing will take me by surprise in my inbox on my return.

I have to say that I don’t think any Smartphone alarm clock works quite as well as my little grey Nokia which manages to vibrate and ring so vigorously that it very often makes its way off the bedside table and onto the floor, but I do have to say that I have benefited immensely from the inside knowledge I gained transcribing that gem of a Focus Group. I am a Smartphone convert! Now maybe my kids will deign to be seen with me in public; I can but hope.

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Laurian Kerr