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As one of the leading video transcription services in the UK for over 30 years, high-quality work and accurate transcriptions are what we pride ourselves on. We offer the very best video transcription services and have a huge amount of experience transcribing across a huge variety of video files, video content, audio files and many more.

What Are Video Transcriptions?

The Video transcription process consists of translating the audio files from your video into a text file. Here at McGowan Transcriptions, this is done by one of our highly skilled and highly experienced transcriptionists.

Video Search & SEO – Text transcripts help to make your video more searchable across the web and also have a positive impact on your SEO keyword strategy. As you would expect, search engines cannot read video as well as they can read text, so video transcripts make it far simpler for bots to analyse your content and rank your page accordingly.

More Accessibility – By law, businesses and organisations are required to make content accessible to everyone, especially those with disabilities. By transcribing your podcasts, webinars and all other content formats you can be sure that everyone can benefit from your content, even those with hearing loss.

Easy Sorting & Editing – Text is far easier to search through than video, a transcript gives you the ability to find specifics like verbatim, time codes, timestamps, minutes of audio, speaker tracking and much more for analysis and editing. Whether you want to publish a short clip from a long video, or are looking for a specific port of a focus group recording, our video transcriptions are the perfect solution.

Accurate Video Transcriptions

For most industries, accurate transcriptions are paramount and any minor inaccuracies could have a truly detrimental impact. Our unrivalled team has all the experience and knowledge necessary to provide professional transcriptions and professional service with an astonishingly quick turnaround time.

For automatic speech recognition (ASR) transcription software providers, things such as multiple speakers, poor audio quality, background noise and just overall poor quality can be huge hindrances. At McGowan Transcriptions, thanks to our brilliant human transcriptions, none of the above are a problem. We pride ourselves on providing the same accurate, high-quality transcriptions no matter what.

Why Choose McGowan Transcriptions?

Since our creation in 1993, we have been one of the best transcription services in the UK. This is why you can always expect the highest quality service when working with us. We strongly believe that the true backbone of our success is our brilliant team of experienced transcriptionists. We guarantee that you will not be able to find the same quality of service anywhere.

We offer four standard transcription rates for different services, with prices starting from just £1.35 per audio minute.

Our professional transcribers make sure your words are transcribed accurately and securely with quick turnaround times. Join our other 23,300 customers who are extremely satisfied with our unrivalled online transcription services today.

Secure & Confidential Video Transcriptions

We understand that we have an obligation to our clients to keep all their personal data and sensitive information secure. All our brilliant transcriptionists have undergone rigorous security vetting, including criminal record checks and ID verification. We also require that all our employees work within and sign our confidentiality agreement, and sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) where required.

We are also GDPR and ISO compliant meaning that all of our data management practices have been thoroughly inspected by a third party.

Other Services We Offer

At McGowan Transcriptions, we have a huge range of the highest quality services. Whether you’re looking for proofreaders, audio/video transcriptions, translations or any other transcription related services, we can guarantee we have you covered. We also offer free transcription quotes with same day service so if you are interested, then feel free to get in touch.


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