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Medical Transcription Services

McGowan Transcriptions has been delivering medical transcription services to medical professionals and healthcare providers, including the NHS, for over 30 years. 

With over 40 years of experience in the medical, health care and pharmaceutical sectors, our full-time medical transcribers possess a range of expertise across a variety of specialities including mental health, cancer, multiple sclerosis and glaucoma, as well as the fields of nuclear medicine, sonography and mammography.

Leading Provider of Medical Transcripts

Here at McGowan Transcriptions, our medical transcriptionists transcribe audio files from a range of sources, including but not limited to:

  • Telephone interviews 
  • Dictations 
  • Medical records
  • Medical reports
  • Medical conferences
  • Presentations 

Whether it is a recording of an interview exploring a patient’s experience of a certain condition, or a pharmacist discussing the trial of a prospective new drug, McGowan Transcriptions provides accurate and cost-effective transcription for healthcare providers, clinics and research establishments. 

By converting spoken health information into text, crucial medical data is easily accessible, making it easier to reference and in turn improving patient care. 

High-Quality Medical Transcription Services

For medical transcripts to be completed accurately, efficiently and on time, our medical transcriptionists require familiarity with a vast array of medical systems, vocabulary, and medical terminology.

Whether gained in the field or through professional qualifications, all of our certified medical transcribers are equipped with the industry knowledge required to deliver fast and accurate medical transcription projects. 

Unlike other medical transcription service providers, we never use speech recognition software – every transcription job undertaken by McGowan Transcriptions is completed by real people. 

Reliable & Secure Transcription Service

Confidentiality and privacy are essential when dealing with sensitive information – you can rest assured that McGowan Transcriptions is fully compliant with GDPR and data protection laws. 

With this in mind, our in-house medical typists are all subject to thorough ID, nationality and immigration checks, and must sign a comprehensive confidentiality agreement before undertaking any work for McGowan Transcriptions. Where required, we are also happy to comply with your own confidentiality procedures and will sign non-disclosure agreements on a project-by-project basis. 

Our completed transcripts are uploaded using our bespoke file-upload platform, Global Lounge. This user-friendly solution has a 2GB upload capacity and a UK-based server with its own facility operator, independent infrastructure and suite of network operators, watertight backup solutions including multiple redundant 10Gbps fibre back-haul rings, and – last but not least – guaranteed 100% uptime, so it’s there when you need it. 

We have never missed a deadline! You can be secure in the knowledge your medical transcription project will arrive complete, accurate and on time.

All deadlines and turnaround times are agreed prior to the undertaking of projects. Same-day delivery and 24-hour turnaround from our medical typists can be arranged where required. 

Medical Transcription FAQs

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    Medical Transcriptions

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