Global Transcription Services

UK based McGowan Transcriptions have been digital transcription specialists since 1993 providing professional, confidential, accurate global transcription services to a variety of industries.

Transcribing services have changed dramatically since the late 1990’s. Back in 1993 we could only offer UK transcription services due to recordings only being available on cassettes but now technology has moved at such a pace that global transcription services are very common.

What sets us apart is that we started locally and for a time McGowan Transcriptions was the only transcription service London companies had available. We soon moved from offering transcribing services to London to the wider UK and then very quickly globally.

We now provide transcribing services to clients in major cities around the globe, the large majority of which are based in London, New York and Sydney.

In recent years we have seen competition increase within the transcribing services industry, where agencies are outsourcing their transcription projects globally and then bringing them back in house, but these companies cannot compete with our transcription service as we do not use ad hoc freelancers, so our expertise stays in McGowan Transcriptions. Although UK based we are able to offer a global service over many different time zones. We have a loyal and dedicated team of professional transcribers who enjoy nothing more than transcribing projects. This is our speciality. This is all we do. And we are the best in the industry.

You will not find the same quality of transcript anywhere else as our transcribers only transcribe for McGowan Transcriptions. Click Here to contact us!