Conference Transcription

McGowan Transcriptions have offered conference transcription services since 1993 to a variety of industries.

Our speciality is conference transcription, group discussion transcription and workshop transcription.

When it comes to conference transcription we are second to none.

Our transcribers have over 80 years experience between them in conference transcription. The ability to differentiate between different voices is extremely specialised, and cannot be taught. It’s a skill you are born with. You can teach grammar and punctuation to anyone but you cannot teach someone conference transcription.

We offer a vast range of UK transcription services, our main speciality being conference transcription and group discussions.

Many times clients who require our conference transcription services are looking for individuals to be identified. Being able to differentiate between voices is one skill, being able to attribute the responses to an individual voice is altogether a different skill. Our professional transcribers have been attributing responses to individuals, using audio only, for over 20 years.

If you are looking for a UK transcription services agency to provide you with an accurate transcript of your conference or group discussion, McGowan Transcriptions are second to none.