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Interview Transcription

Transcribing interviews is one of our specialties and our level of quality has helped keep us at the top of the industry since 1993. We can provide strict verbatim, intelligent verbatim transcription or edited interview transcripts, using our standard transcription templates or your own specified one if required. We have worked with clients across many fields and industries, providing each of them with the highest standard of audio transcription for their recorded interviews.


The Benefits of Interview Transcripts

Audio transcriptions of interviews have far greater utility than a raw recording. Our interview transcription services allow you to easily and accurately capture the words of your interviewees, so you can avoid the time-consuming task of listening to the recording over and over again. Transcribing interviews takes many hours, so by outsourcing to our experienced, professional transcriptionists you save yourself time and effort.

Your written interview can then be easily sorted, edited and analysed for a whole range of purposes – whether that’s academic or market research, media publication or even to create reliable subtitles for video interviews and podcasts.


Our Services

Our Interview Transcriptions Services include dictations, research interviews, presentations, one-to-one depth interviews, or triads. Whether the subject is how fast a brand of paint dries or the latest new gadget that’s being released, our transcription service team are dedicated and always give the same level of focus to ensure accuracy.

All our Interview transcription service team understand an interview takes place to gain an insight and every word needs to be listened to and heard and then put into a transcript in the format a client has requested. With 25 years of experience behind us, we know the importance of a reliable interview transcription and pride ourselves on exceptional results. Our turnaround times are guaranteed too – we’ve never missed a deadline!

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us and we treat all interview content with the sensitivity required.

To book your online transcription project, just fill the form or send us your message using the contact details now! When you’re booked in, simply upload your audio or video files and we’ll get to work.


“Our team of transcribers is second to none. Why not try us, and discover the difference.”

Joe McGowan
Managing Director McGowan Transcriptions

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