Our Transcribers Are Also Accredited Proofreaders!

Did you know McGowan Transcriptions also offers a proofreading service?

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In 2009, Joe asked all of her transcribers if they’d like to train to become proofreaders.
There were already a couple of experienced proofreaders on the team, so it was an area she was keen to expand into and one that clients already using our digital transcription services had expressed an interest in.

At first I was unsure, but as I thought about it, I realised that there are so many similarities between transcription and proofreading: both require a good understanding of language, grammar, spelling and punctuation; it seemed such a natural progression for me to take.
With some trepidation on my part, Joe enrolled me on Editorial Training’s Proofreading Today course, which covers all aspects of proofreading, including electronic workflow and using paperless proofs. It was a distance learning training course with an allocated tutor to provide support.
I was very nervous about my ability to learn something new as I hadn’t undergone any formal training for a few years and was rather daunted at the thought of fitting in study around work and home life. I remember feeling butterflies in my stomach the first time the postman handed me the large package containing ‘Module 1′.

My fears were soon allayed. I found the course material very well laid out and easy to understand. It started with very simple ideas and progressed seamlessly to the more complex material. My tutor provided invaluable advice, and also gave me great encouragement and confidence in my abilities. I couldn’t wait for the postman to deliver the remaining four modules after that. I was wrong to be scared – you’re never too old to learn something new!

I was absolutely delighted when I passed the course with a Distinction in September last year. One of the main motivations that inspired me throughout was to live up to McGowan Transcriptions’ high standards, and not to let Joe and the rest of team down, which I felt I’d achieved. Not only do I now have a new skill, proofreading, but I feel it has also immensely enhanced my role as a digital transcriber with regard to spelling, grammar and proofreading my work as I transcribe.

All in all it has been a win-win experience and I’d say to anyone thinking about retraining, ‘Go on! Give it a try, you might surprise yourself.’ I know I certainly did. In fact, the only downside is I cannot enjoy simply reading a book on holiday now as I always find errors!

Written by Donna Lennon
Senior Medical & IT Transcriber