Transcriber Vacancies

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We are currently recruiting for professional research transcribers, full and part-time, who have experience working with a diverse range of material and are experienced with regional accents.

We were founded in 1993 by Joe McGowan and we’re the number one name for transcriptions in London and the UK. We transcribe everything from in-depth one-to-one interviews to group discussions with a wide variety of people, on hundreds of topics throughout the country. Our clients conduct very in-depth analysis of the transcripts we provide, which is why our quality has to be extremely high.

We don’t subcontract to any third parties for transcription projects and know only too well that our reputation is based largely on the work of our team. For this reason we are very careful when recruiting new transcribers.

If you wish to transcribe for McGowan Transcriptions you cannot transcribe for any other agencies or individuals and English must be your first language.

If you would like to be considered as part of our Transcription Team please apply via our Vacancies page.

Once your application has been received you will receive several documents outlining our guidelines, style guides and our principles. If you are interested in continuing the recruitment process after reading the information you will be required to transcribe 20 minutes of a group discussion.

All potential transcribers must have their own transcription software which will enable them to open and transcribe from any and all audio and visual files. Transcribers must also have a reliable broadband connection – mobile broadband is not acceptable due to our strict security requirements.

Transcribers must have up to date virus and firewall protection and will be required to adhere to and sign our Transcriber Security Compliance Manual. All transcribers will be provided with up to date Fileshredder and Encryption software and be given access to our secure ScribeManager and Sharefile systems.

We have very strict security procedures in place and as part of these measures you will need to sign a confidentiality agreement, tax form, provide a current CRB check, a copy of your passport/drivers licence and utility bill information – should you become part of the Transcription Team.

Our team of transcribers and proof readers must be registered as self-employed and proof will be required as confirmation before commencement of your first project with McGowan Transcriptions.

Good Luck! We hope to hear from you soon!

Blog written by
Joe McGowan