Thermal Transcription

Perhaps the situation in offices has changed since last I worked in one. Austerity measures may mean that workers aren’t welcomed into quite as toasty warm offices in winter, and air conditioned ones, on those rare summer days when temperatures soar, but I have my doubts.

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Ambient room temperature, however, is certainly not something I took into consideration when deciding to pursue a work-from-home digital transcription career. In this regard, I know that I am not alone. Working with a close knit team (no pun intended) I realise that we all battle to varying degrees to keep warm when temperatures plummet. I have not yet had to invest in fingerless gloves to keep my audio typing fingers moving, but when I do, I know that the team at McGowan transcription services will have useful recommendations. I know both Joe & Nikki swear by their transcribing gloves and have been wearing them for at least a month already!

My fail safe method for keeping warm whilst transcribing is wearing a woolly hat, in addition to everything else! I can only imagine what anyone must think when they spy me through my office window which overlooks a cut through so that I am, effectively, in full view of the public. Competition between colleagues on the number of layers being worn by our transcribing team on any one day, has been fierce over the years and I think, though I am open to correction, that Li Collins is at least one layer ahead of the rest of us.

Now, if I were still living aboard a boat in sunny Cornwall, in the winter, I’d be telling a vastly different story. Our boat was moored in a tidal berth very close to the Tamar River and anyone conjuring up a mental picture of clear blue water and gentle bobbing please stop there! For two years running we woke up to find ourselves surrounded by ice and our small fuel burner struggled to keep up in keeping me warm. I confess, I forewent charm and opted for an oil filled radiator and a small blow heater. Had I been transcribing then, which would have been achievable, as when not sailing we were permanently hooked up to electricity, and Wi-Fi, there would have been no contest! I would have been the clear winner by a country mile, never mind a nautical one!

I never imagine our expatriate transcription team members in anything other than floaty summer dresses, sarongs, bikinis and flip flops, sipping cool drinks filled with ice. It seems that they have the best of both worlds in providing a UK transcription service! Imagine the only dilemma being the consideration of whether to apply an extra layer of sunblock, or not and if it should be SP10 or SP15. I am sure this is just a utopian view and that the reality is not quite as sunny but I like to think that at least some of the McGowan Transcription services team aren’t trussed up to Michelin man proportions! Did I mention my thermal socks…?

Blog by Laurian Kerr
Research Transcriber