The Importance of Accuracy in Research Interview Transcription

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One of the first steps in qualitative research involves transcribing qualitative data such as interviews and focus groups. Making notes is an essential part of the interview process. However, it’s still possible to miss out key information when relying on notes and memory, and that’s where interview transcription can help.

Research interview transcripts are invaluable in situations where researchers must analyse lengthy and complex interviews. The results of this analysis can have an impact on the reliability and accuracy of the research conclusions. Therefore, it’s wise to enlist the help of transcription professionals to make sure no detail is spared.

If you’re considering interview transcription services for your research project, read on to find out what this involves and how we can help.

What is an Interview Transcript?

An interview transcript is a document that captures the entire discussion in a research interview. This includes questions from the interviewer as well as responses from the interviewee(s). The level of detail in your interview transcript will depend on the transcription service you choose.

What’s Included in a Research Interview Transcript?

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A typical full verbatim interview transcript will include what was said in an interview and how it was said. This includes all ‘ums’ and ‘errs’, non-verbal communication, any grammatical mistakes, and dialect spoken and creates a word-for-word record of the interview. This option is sometimes preferred when a very specific analysis of speech patterns is required or the transcript is to be used in a law court.

On the other hand, intelligent verbatim interview transcripts include what was said in the interview minus non-verbal communication, repeated words and other fillers. This provides a ‘clean’ version of the interview that is often easier to read and faster to analyse when compared to a full verbatim interview transcript. This is our most popular template and is used by the majority of our clients.

Take a look at our templates to see what your transcript will look like once it is complete.

How to Record a Research Interview

If you’re thinking about transcribing an interview for a dissertation or research project, you’ll need to make sure it’s recorded properly so that our team can create an accurate transcript of the recordings.

No matter whether you’re using a mobile phone, voice recorder or laptop, our team will be able to create the transcript that you need. However, the process is a lot quicker and the final transcript far more accurate if the recording is as clear as possible.

Choose Your Recording Device Wisely

We recommend investing in a high-quality recording device to record a research interview as this will provide the clearest recording. A high-quality recording is faster and, therefore, cheaper to transcribe, whereas a noisy recording with lots of background noise is more time consuming to convert to text.

This can also help you to maintain accuracy in your research as it ensures that the whole interview is heard and noted. This means that you can comb through your transcript in detail and make the appropriate conclusions.

Put Your Recorder in the Right Place

Placement will play a big part in how clear and coherent your research interview recording is. Make sure that the recording device is placed equidistant between those involved in the discussion and away from any sources of background noise such as windows, doors and air conditioners.

Test Your Recorder Before the Interview

It’s essential to test your recorder before your research interview to determine whether there are any glaring issues with your recording. Remember, we can’t transcribe audio to text if we can’t understand your recording!

Don’t forget to download our FREE guide on recording audio for expert tips on how to create clear audio files for transcription.

How to have an Interview transcribed

The interview transcription process could not be simpler with McGowan Transcriptions. We understand that you want to get accurate results in a timely fashion, therefore, we aim to get a high-quality transcription to you as soon as possible.

Here is the process you will go through when you opt for our interview transcription services:

  1. Choose your template
  2. Upload your research interview audio file to our secure online portal
  3. We will discuss interview transcription rates
  4. Our expert team will transcribe your audio
  5. We will send you your complete interview transcript

Interview Transcription Costs

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Your interview transcription costs will vary depending on the length and quality of the recording you submit to our team, as well as the type of transcription you choose. As mentioned earlier, the more complex and unclear your recording, the more this will cost because it takes longer for our team to transcribe.

Our interview transcription rates start from a low as £1.42 per audio minute, so you’ll save time and money by selecting our services.

Interview Transcription Services UK

We have been providing high-quality interview transcriptions since 1993 and, therefore, have the expertise, experience, and technology to carry out your request to the highest standard.

Get a free quote or contact us to see how we can help with your interview transcription.