Spring is here

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Finally, spring has sprung!

It’s hard to believe we’ve been back in our offices for four months, it feels like four weeks as we have been so busy transcribing! Christmas is normally a quiet time for transcription but not 2014, we’ve never known a Christmas like it in 21 years – which is great news for the entire industry.

It’s lovely to be back in familiar surroundings, even though everything internally has changed as we decided to go for a completely new look following the flood last year.

One major change has been the treadmill desk which was installed in February…we keep forgetting to get on it but I’m sure that will change and it will soon become a habit!

Easter is on the way so we will have two four day weeks – always makes for an interesting period at McGowan Transcriptions as the Thursday before Easter is normally our busiest as clients realise that they’ve not taken two bank holidays into account with their transcription projects. Luckily we do have a skeleton staff working over the Easter weekend to ensure all deadlines are met.

The daffodils are out already – looking forward to the cherry tree blossoming, then we’ll know summer is coming!