Small Acts of Kindess

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At this time of year, we believe small acts of kindness can have a profound impact. At McGowan Transcriptions we look to inspire each other to be catalysts for positivity and find ways to show compassion and make a difference where we can. As it’s Christmas, we wanted to share a few examples of how we have helped others this year in case it inspires you in any way. If you can encourage others by adding to this list, please do!

  • Volunteer at foodbank.
  • Donated a coffee.
  • Paid someone’s parking when machine didn’t work.
  • Gave someone a car when theirs was smashed.
  • Paid an elderly lady’s winter heating bill.
  • Walked someone’s dog when poorly.
  • Take peanut butter to Battersea Dogs Home.
  • Bought batteries for someone who was in a rush and stuck at back of queue.
  • Babysat for new parents.
  • Share funny TikTok videos.
  • Did the neighbour’s washing when their washing machine was broken.
  • Put all the neighbours’ wheelie bins back where they belong after they’ve been emptied on a Friday.
  • Helped an elderly lady with the self-scan checkout – she thought she’d queued for a ‘human’!
  • Bought plane ticket for someone stranded in UK.
  • Complimented an elderly lady on her fabulous make-up.
  • Let someone go in front of me in the queue with less shopping than I had.
  • Taken in deliveries for neighbours when they’ve been out.
  • Offered to replace someone’s broken microwave with one I never really used.
  • Paid for someone’s darts competition entry.
  • Take my neighbour’s bins out every week as she has two little babies to look after.
  • Offer to babysit friends and family’s kids.
  • Water plants and feed pets for neighbours when they are away.
  • Car shared when colleague’s car broke down.
  • Paid for the car behind us order at a drive-through.
  • Gone with a friend to her follow-up scans so she’s not alone when it’s bad news.
  • Always there with wine and an ear in a crisis!
  • Get elderly neighbour’s wood in for him each day.
  • Keeping an eye on the neighbourhood kids.
  • Volunteer at a prison quarterly.
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Edit: Since compiling these acts of kindness, it has inspired us to share a weekly list on our Team messenger system to encourage each other, there are so many small things we can all do to make a difference to our world

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December 2023