Discover the Benefits of McGowan Transcriptions for Your Viewing Facility!

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Unlock the full potential of your viewing facility by recommending the comprehensive services we offer at McGowan Transcriptions. With our expertise and dedication, we can cater to your client’s specific needs and help to provide them with a seamless experience from your viewing facility to receiving a transcript. Here’s what we bring to the table:

Group Discussion Transcriptions

Group discussion transcription is one of our specialties and our level of quality has helped keep us at the top of the industry since 1993. We provide full verbatim, intelligent verbatim, or edited transcripts of discussions with a fast turnaround time, using our standard templates or we can use personalised templates provided by your clients if required. We provide a professional and accurate focus group transcription service so that your clients can gather more insights from their qualitative research.

Interview Transcription

Our interview transcription service includes research interviews, one-to-one depth interviews, and triads. Covering a wide range of topics, our specialist transcription service team is dedicated to ensuring all your client’s interview transcriptions are complete and accurate.

Save Time and Effort

Outsourcing transcriptions to our team of specialist transcribers will save your clients many hours of hassle, time, and effort! Our professional transcribers excel in delivering fast and accurate transcripts, cutting through background noise and capturing every detail.

Enhanced Accessibility

We can help make your client’s content accessible to all individuals, including those with hearing impairments or a preference for reading. For added accessibility, we also offer closed captioning and translation services.

Confidentiality and Security

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At McGowan Transcriptions, your client’s data privacy and security are paramount. We adhere to MRS, GDPR and Cyber Essentials standards, guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of original files and transcripts.

Why Should Your Clients Choose McGowan Transcriptions as Their Preferred Transcription Agency

  • Unlike other transcription companies, we never subcontract our projects! By keeping our services strictly in-house we can ensure confidentiality and guarantee fast, accurate transcription of interviews.
  • All our professional transcribers are UK-based fluent English speakers, enabling us to grasp contextual nuances, regional dialects, and slang. This ensures precise transcription without misheard or misunderstood words.
  • With 30 years of experience, an excellent team of professional transcribers, and a Quality Control division second to none, we have served over 23,300 satisfied customers worldwide and hope to do so for another 30 years.

Help your clients turn their recorded discussions into more valuable resources by recommending our professional transcription services.  Discover how our services can revolutionise workflow and elevate research, analysis, and decision-making processes.

Visit our website at, or contact our friendly team on 0800 158 3747 or to learn more and get started.

Help your clients unlock the full potential of their recordings with McGowan Transcriptions today!