Digital Transcription Versus Traditional Transcription

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Digital transcription services that use audio to text programs and digital transcription software are becoming increasingly popular, although there is still much debate about their efficiency compared to traditional transcription. Audio to text software programs allow automatic transcription of voice recordings to text format; however, they are still limited in terms of features and capabilities. The poor transcription results they generate often have to be transcribed again using traditional methods to ensure accuracy.

Digital transcription services and software are domain-specific, and while they require a cumbersome fine-tuning process, the software can be highly customized to address the specific needs of the user. Automated programs are also less accurate than traditional means, where recordings are heard by human ears, decoded by the human brain, and transcribed by human hands. While digital transcription software is faster and more competitive, traditional means take the price home for quality and performance as results are significantly less deficient than digitally transcribed audio.

Audio to text, digital transcription software relies heavily on the clarity of audio files. Therefore, noise and ambient nuances in the recording can greatly affect the quality of the output. Since some recordings can only be interpreted with human assistance, re-doing of the transcription is inevitable, which makes processes redundant. Users also consume a great deal of time customizing the program to fit their requirements and preferences.

When outsourcing transcription services, make sure you look for a company that offers customized services. Choose a company with the ability to meet your deadlines, especially when dealing with sensitive documents. It is also best to find an agency that keeps transcriptions in-house and does not outsource excess work overseas. Choose one that uses advanced technology and secure modes of file transfer to ensure safety. You should also look for an agency that offers high quality technical support.