Choose The Best UK Transcription Services

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There are many advantages to hiring a UK-based transcription company to handle your audio transcriptions. First of all, you can be sure that English is the mother tongue of its transcribers and the work is not outsourced to third parties abroad. Hiring a local transcriptionist also ensures that the project is completed promptly. Here are some tips on choosing the best transcription services in the UK:

1. Choose a company that can produce intelligently edited and strict verbatim transcripts of various speeches that need to be converted into legible written text. One of the best transcription services in the UK, McGowan Transcriptions, can produce group discussion, market research, medical, legal, and interview transcriptions.

2. Do they guarantee fast turnaround? Make sure that the transcription company is known for its fast turnaround time. It must be able to provide a guarantee that the transcription will be completed and delivered within the agreed period or before the deadline.

3. You want to hire a UK Transcription Services Company with employees that are easy to work with. They should be friendly and must be patient, and should be readily available whenever you have questions.

4. Can they ensure your file’s security and confidentiality? The best transcription services in the UK hire skilled and trustworthy transcribers who have signed a comprehensive and full confidentiality agreement. The transcribers are checked with the CRB and their identities are proven. Choose a company that does not outsource its employees. Make sure that the transcription team is composed of permanent members of the company itself.

5. Pick a transcription service that uses a secure system with proven data encryption and anti-virus or anti-malware scanning and prevention technology for uploading. The service must use effective and comprehensive security protocols for file encryption.

6. Read testimonials about the transcription service provider to learn about their performance. You can verify the accuracy of the transcriptions they produce through other clients. One of the best UK Transcription Service providers, McGowan Transcriptions, reviews and proofreads transcripts before they are released and delivered to you.

“McGowan Transcriptions always provide fast, accurate and secure transcription services. We really value their flexibility and their excellent customer service, which is personable and reliable. We use them on a regular basis.” 
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