Cheap Transcription Service Vs Great Value Transcription Service

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Amidst today’s economic turmoil, everybody is looking for a cheap product, service or deal. Whereas it used to be an added bonus or even a little thrill to procure something for half the price, nowadays for many businesses and consumers it is a startling necessity. Everything from bus fares to the price of a block of cheese has increased, rendering few areas of our daily lives untouched.

Refuse to compromise on quality

Along with millions of others, I have turned the hunt for a bargain into an art form and am often to be found scouring charity shops and pound stores for good buys. However, there are some areas in life where I refuse to compromise on quality and the same should be true with audio transcription services. Take for example the portal to the modern-day universe that is the internet. As a digital transcriber, the internet is one of my integral transcription tools, not only for the receipt of digital files and transmission of transcripts, but also for research into the plethora of specialised, industry-specific terminology we require. Therefore any inconsistency in broadband service affects my ability to work with the speed and efficiency of which I am capable.

Cutting corners is a false economy

Alas, I have learnt to my detriment that cutting corners when it comes to internet service providers is indeed false economy, despite the attractive price tag. Years ago when I first began digital dictation transcription, I naively subscribed to a cheap broadband service which, on reflection, was indeed too good to be true. Within days of using it I was experiencing packet loss, errors and continual connection drops, all of which slowed down the process of transcription immensely. Large digital files, which can be a daily reality in online audio transcription, would take hours and several attempts to download.

Quality is paramount

Inevitably, I came to the humbling realisation that as a digital transcriber, I absolutely had to equip myself with the appropriate tools for my trade, and that quality was paramount to providing an excellent transcription service. The cheaper provider may have helped my pocket in the short term but caused me extensive stress and expense when I was forced to switch to a better supplier.

Fantastic quality does not always equate with rock-bottom prices and opting for economy over excellence is not a trade-off that is worth making long term

With this experience has come a total shift in mindset; I now go for quality, consistency and reliability of ISP and the same should apply when it comes to online audio transcription. Whilst it may be tempting to evaluate the cost of transcription and go for the company offering the lowest transcription charges, it may be an unwise move.

Accuracy, concentration, perseverance and thoroughness

Transcribing interviews for research requires accuracy, concentration, perseverance and thoroughness; the team at McGowan Transcriptions are expert in this regard. On occasion, we encounter examples of transcripts completed by other companies (at no doubt cut-price rates) and are always amazed at how favourably McGowan Transcriptions compare. The experience would be akin to doing a blind taste test of supermarket own-brand beans and then sampling the unrivalled market leader; the calibre of the trusted brand is unmistakable and, once experienced, you are likely to return to them again and again.

McGowan Transcriptions offer great value

Furthermore, McGowan Transcriptions are able to offer this excellent service but at a very reasonable price. To extend our supermarket analogy further, we supply a ‘Finest’ or ‘Taste the Difference’ standard but at main brand rather than ‘Value’ or ‘Basics’ pricing.

So in order to avoid a nasty taste being left in the mouth (rather like the cut-price beans), ensure that McGowan Transcriptions is top of your shopping list when selecting a digital transcription service. Remember; fantastic quality does not always equate with rock-bottom prices and opting for economy over excellence is not a trade-off that is worth making long term.

Blog Written by
Li Collins