Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Looking back on 2017

Where has 2017 gone?! It was McGowan Transcriptions’ 24th year, and what a memorable year it has been. To sum up: there have been challenges, there have been opportunities; we’ve welcomed new additions to the team as we’ve waved goodbye to others; we’ve even had some familiar faces coming back to us, too (hi Carol!); we’ve had no shortage of complex projects and demanding deadlines to meet, and I’m pleased to say that we have consistently delighted our old and new clients alike with our super-fast turnaround and quality delivery.

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Why you would want to work with McGowan Transcriptions

The fact that I have worked for Joe for many, many years, I believe speaks volumes. In fact, I’ve only just realised that this will actually be my 20th year!! Time flies as they say. I cannot deny that I did struggle at the beginning having never done this type of work previously but because Joe was always so encouraging and supportive, I managed to get through the challenges.

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Can we see you?

As transcribers, we spend our days with other people talking through us, like mediums! Our writing isn’t of the automatic kind, the stuff of the world of fake ghosts and séances; our job is to make sense of the very real spoken word and the world researchers investigate. ‘Surely we make sense when we speak?!’ you may cry in protest. Of course you do, but since roughly 80 per cent of our work is ‘written’ in intelligent verbatim, we do have to think about what you say and that means we need to work out where you stopped one thought and began another even if there’s a string of ands, buts and erms in between. And when you are looking for a word, we’re willing you on and sometimes second guessing you.

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

A Month With McGowan Transcriptions

Hands up at the start; this is shamelessly copying the theme of a previous blog post by Marian Cleary (September 2015). But one of the main reasons I applied to McGowan Transcriptions was because of her blog post. So I think that writing my own contribution is a good way to pay it forward, and hopefully show others that it’s possible to earn good money working from home with a lovely, friendly company.

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Spring is here

Finally, spring has sprung!

It’s hard to believe we’ve been back in our offices for four months, it feels like four weeks as we have been so busy transcribing! Christmas is normally a quiet time for transcription but not 2014, we’ve never known a Christmas like it in 21 years – which is great news for the entire industry.

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

One Thing I’ll Miss…

In December we will be moving back to our office in Egham after having been displaced due to the floods in February. The flooding was a disaster but, due to a tested disaster recovery plan, we never missed a deadline and the transition from flooded offices to temporary offices was seamless.

There are many things I really can’t wait to enjoy once we are back in our own offices but the one thing that I will miss is being so close to Windsor Castle and experiencing the changing of the guard routine every other day. I never tire of this. The video below was filmed by me today, immediately outside of our offices.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

When Disaster Strikes

We have had a disaster recovery plan in place for a few years now and unexpectedly got to test it out in January…today I am very grateful for having had that opportunity!

When I first set about putting together the disaster recovery plan it was a chore and the paperwork was immense. Trying to plan for events that you couldn’t even think could ever happen was difficult and at the time felt like paying for insurance that you’d never need to cash.

How I undervalued that time spent and how relieved am I that I put in the hours needed to ensure McGowan Transcriptions stayed afloat (pardon the pun) in a disaster.

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

So You Think You Can Type!

It has been almost two years since Joe McGowan of McGowan Transcription Services threw me my employment lifeline. I was in Costa coffee at the time using their bottomless Wi-Fi facility.

At the time, I felt I had the requisite experience and that my legal and PA audio transcription background would equip me for the job of transcribing for McGowan Transcription services. I felt that my skills, especially typing speed, were effortlessly transferable. How wrong I was! It was merely a starting point, a foundation on which to rapidly build solid digital transcription experience.

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Thermal Transcription

Ambient room temperature, however, is certainly not something I took into consideration when deciding to pursue a work-from-home digital transcription career. In this regard, I know that I am not alone. Working with a close knit team (no pun intended) I realise that we all battle to varying degrees to keep warm when temperatures plummet. I have not yet had to invest in fingerless gloves to keep my audio typing fingers moving, but when I do, I know that the team at McGowan transcription services will have useful recommendations. I know both Joe & Nikki swear by their transcribing gloves and have been wearing them for at least a month already!

Monday, November 26th, 2012

A Stretch Too Far?

Technology is a wonderful thing, especially when it is working in our favour but it seems to me that there is a danger that it can dissociate us from our immediate environments and the societies in which we live. Of course there are huge benefits in uploading a digital file 100 miles from where it was recorded to be transcribed and returned to a different location even further away, within a 24 hour period. The carbon footprint, I would venture, is negligible when compared to couriering or posting audio cassettes.