Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Reduce Your Workload By Using Conference Transcription

Conferences are many times of vital importance to businesses and organizations, which is why many executives and professionals prefer to record these kinds of talks and conversations for future reference. This said, maintaining a resource, dedicated to recording each and every conference you may have can be very cost intensive. Oftentimes, it is also infeasible. This is why many companies are resorting to more creative ways of archiving these kinds of resources. Audio transcription, particularly conference transcription, is one of the best ways to keep record of conferences and other valuable lectures and business discussions for future use.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Cheap Transcription Service Vs Great Transcription Service

Amidst today’s economic turmoil, everybody is looking for a cheap product, service or deal. Whereas it used to be an added bonus or even a little thrill to procure something for half the price, nowadays for many businesses and consumers it is a startling necessity. Everything from bus fares to the price of a block of cheese has increased, rendering few areas of our daily lives untouched.

Along with millions of others, I have turned the hunt for a bargain into an art form and am often to be found scouring charity shops and pound stores for good buys. However, there are some areas in life where I refuse to compromise on quality and the same should be true with audio transcription services. Take for example the portal to the modern-day universe that is the internet.