Announcing Global Lounge – our new faster, safer file upload solution

Global Lounge
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Not to blow our own trumpets, but we at McGowan Transcriptions are known for being super-speedy transcribers (well, so our clients keep telling us, anyway!). I mean, you’d hope we would be after 24 years in this business, wouldn’t you?!

What you might not know about us – because we don’t tend to shout about it as much – is that we’re also really passionate about innovation and technology. In recent times, it’s become increasingly apparent that we needed a powerful, custom-built file upload facility that could keep pace with our lightning-fast fingers.

Enter Global Lounge – our bespoke new file upload platform that meets our needs, and our clients’, better than anything we’ve had before. This user-friendly, yet high-tech solution boasts double the upload allowance of the previous system (from 1GB to 2GB); a UK-based server with its own facility operator, independent infrastructure and suite of network operators; watertight backup solutions including multiple redundant 10Gbps fibre back-haul rings; and – last but not least – guaranteed 100% uptime, so it’s there when you need it.

If your eyes are starting to glaze over after that, you aren’t alone! In plain English, the key benefits you can expect from all of the above technical wizardry are:

  • More capacity – save time by uploading more files in one go
  • Your files are stored locally and securely in the UK for your peace of mind
  • Faster file upload speed – because who’s got time for a slow system?
  • It’s always available – you won’t have to worry about a ‘computer says no’ situation here!

Since Global Lounge went live in October, we’ve already had fantastic feedback from clients who are using the new file upload platform; we’re happy to say that we’ve had a completely seamless and hassle-free rollout, which is always a relief in the somewhat unpredictable world of IT. It also meant that all of us – clients and transcribers alike – have been able to reap the benefits of the new platform right away.

In fact, we’re convinced that the Global Lounge file upload platform is the best of its kind that you’ll find in the industry today – why not give it a try? And as always, if you’ve got any questions or comments on Global Lounge, or any other aspect of our service, we’re listening to you! (We’re pretty good at listening, being transcription experts and all.)

Until next time.

Blog by Daisy Powell
Senior Research Transcriber