20 Years Established Today!

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McGowan Transcriptions are officially 20 years old!

If I were to write about the differences in technology and business this year to the year I established McGowan Transcriptions this blog would be 20 pages long, so here are some highlights:

The Good
We have a large team of dedicated professional transcribers, in 1993 I was on my own!
McGowan Transcriptions is a trusted name both in the UK and abroad.
There are now 24 hours in the day that files can be uploaded for transcription.
Digital technology has enabled faster turnaround times.
We are global.
98% of business is conducted via email, making us more efficient.
No more postman to wait on.
Environmentally friendly compared to printing off transcripts.
Digital software enables us to manipulate poor quality recordings.

The Bad
There are now 24 hours in the day that files can be uploading for transcription – time zones don’t always work in our favour!
98% of business is conducted via email – it’s easy to lose sight of the people we work alongside with.
No more postman to wait on – we used to know our days schedule by 1pm!
Security needs change often but we are fortunate enough to be able to react very quickly.
Having to compete with cut price, unethical, poor quality, agencies abroad.

The Ugly
I’ve seen many companies go to the wall since 2008; very very sad.

It’s been a bumpy road since 2008 and although August 2013 has been the busiest August on record we don’t look more than a month ahead in terms of planning. Having said this, these are exciting times and things are constantly changing at McGowan Transcriptions to ensure we stay top of the industry. In August we implemented new security compliance measures and restructured the entire quality control system and this month we are updating our template guidelines and recruiting for an additional full-time research transcriptionist to join our team!

Thank you to everyone who has worked with McGowan Transcriptions since 1993! I hope we’ll still be working together in 2023!