Medical transcription is another specialised service that McGowan Transcriptions provides and we have a well-trained and expert team in place. Our combined transcription experience in the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors exceeds 44 years. This expertise spans a wide range of topics including cancer, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and glaucoma, as well as the fields of nuclear medicine, ultrasound and mammography.

We transcribe audio from a range of sources, from telephone interviews with key opinion leaders (or KOLs as they are known in the industry) to medical conferences and presentations attended by large groups of healthcare professionals. Whether it is a recording of an interview exploring a patient’s experience of a certain condition or discussing the trial of a prospective new drug, McGowan Transcriptions provides a service of professional and accurate medical transcriptions.

The process of transcription in the medical field requires a unique set of skills. Fundamentally, digital transcribers require a vast array of medical vocabulary and terminology in order to tackle the variety of subjects we encounter. Whether it has been gained in the field in a healthcare setting or through the AMSPAR medical secretarial qualification, the medical team at McGowan Transcriptions are equipped with the knowledge required to transcribe these specialised recordings.

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Never more important is this armoury of vocabulary than when we transcribe audio of sub-optimal quality or from interviews with speakers for whom English is not the native language. A combination of a strong foreign accent and a crackly phone line necessitates an excellent command of medical terminology in order to discern a specific drug name or disease.

The medical transcription team at McGowan Transcriptions are fully accustomed to working with a multitude of different templates ranging from inputting directly into Excel, client-constructed Word documents and to adhering to client-stipulated transcription styles. We confidently work with accompanying materials sent to us, such as PowerPoint presentations detailing new product trials, and are well-versed in the lexicon of dosage and measurement shorthand.

Above all, we approach the transcription of medical audio with the same professionalism and dedication exhibited across the whole team to provide the reliable and consistent transcription service for which we are known.

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