Market research transcription services is where McGowan Transcriptions really started. Prior to creating McGowan Transcriptions in 1993 Joe McGowan worked in the market research industry for DRSM, Field Management Ltd and Hall & Partners International, in roles ranging from Field Manager to Support Manager. During this time Joe developed transcription expertise in many different sectors including consumer, business-2-business, PR, social research and telecoms.

Several other members of our UK transcribing services team have also come directly from the market research industry. Between us we had 42 years of experience working in support, research and field before becoming full-time transcriptionists working solely for McGowan Transcriptions. We can provide strict verbatim, intelligent verbatim, summarised or edited transcripts of group discussions or depth interviews, using either our standard transcription templates or your own specified ones if required.

Our transcribing services team understands that market research is a very important component of business strategy and it can provide important information to identify and analyse market needs. We want to help save you the time of having to re-listen to recordings of several people all talking at the same time, by converting those recordings to text so you can reference the information quickly and easily. We have experience of transcribing for a wide range of clients who each have unique needs but the same requirement; an accurate and reliable research transcription service.

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