Transcribing interviews is one of our specialities and our level of quality has helped keep us at the top of the industry since 1993. We can provide strict verbatim, intelligent verbatim or edited transcripts of interviews, using our standard transcription templates or your own specified one if required. We have experience of transcribing for a wide range of clients who each have unique needs but the same requirement; an accurate and reliable transcription service.

Interview Transcriptions Services include dictations, presentations, one-to-one depth interviews, or triads. Whether the subject is how fast a brand of paint dries or the latest new gadget that’s being released, our transcription service team are dedicated and always give the same level of focus to ensure accuracy.

All our Interview transcription service team understand an interview takes place to gain an insight and every word needs to be listened to and heard and then put into a transcript in the format a client has requested. To book your transcription project, just fill the form or send us your message using the contact details now!


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