Smoke & Mirrors – Lesson Learned

We work hard at McGowan Transcriptions to ensure that our work is of a very high standard and we also liaise closely with our clients in order to meet their deadlines and exceed expectations. Recently, we had a short, sharp lesson in the way another transcription agency is working and the fallout from it went […]

Why you would want to work with McGowan Transcriptions by Shelly Tarling

The fact that I have worked for Joe for many, many years, I believe speaks volumes. In fact, I’ve only just realised that this will actually be my 20th year!! Time flies as they say. I cannot deny that I did struggle at the beginning having never done this type of work previously but because […]

Transcriber Vacancies

We are currently recruiting for professional research transcribers, full and part-time, who have experience working with a diverse range of material and are experienced with regional accents. We were founded in 1993 by Joe McGowan and we’re the number one name for transcriptions in London and the UK. We transcribe everything from in-depth one-to-one interviews […]

Virtually working, so to speak

As a transcription company, we are used to working digitally although it wasn’t always the case. We’ve been in business long enough to remember the days of mini cassette tapes and waiting for the postman to deliver our day’s work. However, we’ve always worked virtually and, in the ever-changing world of business, employing someone to work […]

Transcription – A Beginner’s Guide

  I’ve been transcribing with McGowan Transcriptions for three months now and I’d like to share some tips and ideas for super-new beginners to transcription. I found it really hard when I was brand new and couldn’t find much useful advice out there. I’m hoping to help any newbies out there reading this to get […]

Can we see you?

As transcribers, we spend our days with other people talking through us, like mediums! Our writing isn’t of the automatic kind, the stuff of the world of fake ghosts and séances; our job is to make sense of the very real spoken word and the world researchers investigate. ‘Surely we make sense when we speak?!’ […]

A Month With McGowan Transcriptions

Hands up at the start; this is shamelessly copying the theme of a previous blog post by Marian Cleary (September 2015). But one of the main reasons I applied to McGowan Transcriptions was because of her blog post. So I think that writing my own contribution is a good way to pay it forward, and […]

Transcription – why we are unique

Today is a bit special because it’s one month since I started working for McGowan Transcriptions and it’s been a wonderful few weeks. For me this has not only been a pleasant new ‘place of work’ but a total revelation when it comes to working as a transcriptionist. When I submitted my application, I did […]

Top 10 Advantages Of Transcribing Services

Outsourcing transcribing services to a professional company is a smart choice, especially when you don’t have in-house expertise. Transcription is an expensive skill set—just think about the wages, benefits, and all the overhead costs of a dedicated audio transcription department. Thanks to reliable companies with well trained personnel and the right tools for the job, […]

Spring Is Here!

Finally spring has sprung! It’s hard to believe we’ve been back in our offices for four months, it feels like four weeks as we have been so busy transcribing! Christmas is normally a quiet time for transcription but not 2014, we’ve never known a Christmas like it in 21 years – which is great news […]