One of the reasons we have been on top of the game for over 20 years, is that our prices are very compatible. Both the quality of our work and the sharp prices keep on surprising our clients!

Many companies say they have one flat rate*; we have four, for very good reasons:

  1. Dictation, one person speaking into a digital device to record his or her thoughts.
  2. Depth interviews only have two, sometimes three, speakers and therefore interruptions are minimal which means generally all words can be deciphered without too much re-listening.
  3. Group Discussions are far more challenging and they take considerably longer to transcribe compared to a depth interview. We charge extra to enable us to go the extra mile; to rewind six times to decipher that one word that we can’t quite hear as someone else is over talking. We will go through the entire transcript afterwards to try to capture any words that were unclear while several people were talking at once. We employ professional transcribers, not typists, and it is our priority to give you the best-quality transcripts. Our prices are fair and competitive for a service we believe is second to none.
  4. For recordings that are of very poor quality, are of a medical nature, have complex templates, recorded on DVD or have very strong non UK accents, we charge a little bit extra. Why? Because it takes at least double the time to transcribe and we are determined to give you the best quality transcript possible.

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We offer real value for money as you can rest assured that you have the best transcript possible, at a competitive price. You will never have to get a recording retranscribed that McGowan Transcriptions has worked on!


medtech Thanks again for a great job; I hope we can work on another project again soon.

MedTech Synovate Heathcare

schoolsadvisoryOne thing is certain- I shall use your company again and happily recommend you to anyone who might ask.

Schools Advisory Service

*one flat rate… Right. We know that putting our prices like this might be a gamble. Some of our competitors might give you a price per minute that looks way lower than ours. Looks. Indeed, because often there is small print, or even a surprise when the actual invoice comes. Then and there you would discover that actually, their prices are similar and often more expensive. Because “the recording was unclear, we needed a second pair of ears, they had an accent, it had to go through quality control division” et cetera.
Exactly because we are honest and upfront, we give you these 4 price levels. No surprises afterward, no hidden fees or small print. And, may we say, we hope it convinces you to try us out and discover why we’re indeed market-leading since 1993.